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You (really) can't believe everything you read

Job seekers who have something to hide have more tools at their disposal, than you do to uncover it. Heck, for the swipe of a credit card at CareerExcuse I can get a better cover than most CIA operatives.

For only $65, they will lie, misrepresent and falsify – apparently with the highest ethical standards.

Why do the people behind think you should choose their site? The list of things they will lie about on your behalf is a long one. From their website:

Basically, a job seeker gets to make up, pad, fill and falsify every aspect of their résumé, and CareerExcuse has trained professionals on staff to assure the potential employer it’s all true when they call to check, and even when they go online.

In a world where employers are not measuring what matters, games like this proliferate.

Ever notice the similarities between traditional hiring practices and the TV show “Survivor?”  No one actually picks a winner. In the TV series, each week candidates compete in some unrelated test to protect themselves from being kicked off the island. So, what are the criteria for being selected a winner on this show? It appears that the only skill set required is to be able to avoid being kicked off the island.

What gets rewarded is the survivors’ ability to play the game. The winner is the one who has figured out the game and can outsmart, outmaneuver and, often, out-manipulate the others.

It is time to change the game.

Résumés are BS. And everybody knows it, which is what makes them so absurd.

The factors we have come to rely on so heavily as gatekeepers in screening – education, skills and experience – are the least reliable predictors of success in a job. How often have you been disappointed by someone who had all the right credentials and looked great on paper?

We all know it to be true, and we’ve all seen reams of research data that supports it.

Statistics abound about the embellishments and outright lies conveyed in those documents – and yet résumés for some reason have for generations retained their place as our passport to career advancement.

More perplexing still, nobody stops long enough to acknowledge that most of the stuff that gets lied about, probed, discussed and researched is completely irrelevant anyway. The ‘facts’, however dubious, have no bearing whatsoever on fit.

So why do we carry on using unreliable documents that contain only marginally relevant information to determine who gets to advance in the process?

Truth be told, we’re not selecting, we're eliminating.

And, even worse, we often end up eliminating the best candidates right up front. The meaningless rules we have made up to filter the résumés toss them off the island because they didn’t get the irrelevant stuff right.

It’s time to start measuring what matters.

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