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Our Clients

"HiringSmart allows us to find the right person for the job from the get-go, so we no longer hire and then fire three months later...saving vast amounts of resources, staff time, money and headache by cutting down drastically on staff turnover"

Vice President of Human Resources, National Reseller



"HiringSmart's approach is much smoother, easier and, most importantly, more accurate, so we can put the right people in the right positions"

Founder and Owner, Chain of Health Clinics



"HiringSmart helps us find top performers for the roles we have on offer, while saving HR and manager time so they can focus on what they do best"

Vice President of Operations, Financial Services Call Centre



"Hiringsmart gives me the tools I need to more effciently attract, evaluate, hire and retain staff that fit into the culture of our business...with more ease and less cost than the old resume-based approach"

President and CEO, Large Regional Cleaning Company



"HiringSmart takes me beyond selecting the right person by providing me with the vital information I need to train, manager and develop that individual once they are hired"

Human Resources Directors, Marine Transportation Company



"We realized that a lot of our frustrations were because we had a considerable amount of subpar performers. HiringSmart allowed us to work through what our expectations were with each position within our company, so when we hired someone we had a model to compare them against..." "We used the profiling tool for our administration and management staff. By using this tool we found a strong match for a new position within an existing employee. It helps making sure you have not put a square peg in a round hole." "It's the people of HiringSmart that have really made the difference. They are a constant resource, they help us through questions we have about hiring and the in-between. This is a company that steps up to the plate to help us and other organizations make the community better.."
"We placed an ad and got hundreds of resumes. The HiringSmart system is efficient at weeding out the candidates and providing a good pool of those we should be focusing on. We get outstanding people-that's the end result." "We found you can have a candidate who interviews very well, but at the end of the day they're simply not matched to the kind of work you want them to do. With HiringSmart we profiled our top performers and matched recruits to that profile, helping us focus our recruitment energy and strategy on those who can do the best job..." "There's really a science to hiring. There really need to be a method to the madness, you can't just wing it, you can't just go on gut feeling and instinct. HiringSmart taught us that there's a very well-defined process that you need to go through in order to significantly mitigate the risk of making a poor hiring decision..."
"One of the things that's different now that we've been using HiringSmart is that fact that we have a lower turnover, the quality of the candidates that we're interviewing and hiring is much higher. HiringSmart has enabled us to find people and hire people that are really a good fit with the organization..." "Once we started working with HiringSmart we got an opportunity to really look deeper than a resume. We actually got to look into people's behaviours and skills and lots about their characteristics that didn't really jump out at us when we were simply looking at resumes..." "We've been HiringSmart since 2006. Before, there was a lack of consistency and process in hiring. Through the HiringSmart process we see an improved confidence around hiring. The data shows we are making better hiring decisions..."
"I run a commercial cleaning business where my clients give us the keys to their offices and their alarm codes. So the most important qualities I'm looking for in my employees are things like reliability, trustworthiness and a good work ethic..." "When I started with Credit Union Atlantic, I inherited six out-of-date resumes in a file. This was our recruitment strategy at the time. It took us at least 6 to 8 weeks to fill a gap in the organization and for a company with only 85 employees that was a real problem...." "When I was CEO of the Lung Association, I brought in the HiringSmart system because I didn't feel confident judging candidates from their résumés..."
"We need to find people who could sell, not just take orders. The people we hired using HiringSmart can actually deliver the results we need. That is the bottom line." "The HiringSmart system does the work of a sophisticated HR person to identify the right candidates to potentially interview. Having people seeking you out is one of the things that has been the most pleasant surprise. It allows us to have access to candidates that we would not have had." "When I was looking for a job, online was the only place I looked. I've been with the company a short time but I definitely feel that I'm a fit for what they were looking for. It?s a good program both for an employee or the person who?s looking to hire."
"We have identified that HR is the most significant lever that any health care professional can utilize to improve their patient experience. Hiring the right people and keeping them motivated and engaged is absolutely essential. The HiringSmart system adds significant and valuable information in helping you make better decisions." "We were wasting a lot of time, money and effort in the traditional hiring system. From our perspective HiringSmart is the best thing we ever did-we have been successful at finding good people."  
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