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Jan G. van der Hoop                                                    Organizational Performance Expert

Known for his ability to connect people with results, Jan van der Hoop has been called “inspiring,” “insightful,” and “thought provoking.” He has devoted his career to helping people and organizations find better ways to work together. President and co-founder of Fit First Technologies, a company that has turned the traditional approach to staffing on its head, Jan advises and consults with senior executives on how to get their organizations running more smoothly by better aligning their talent with their operations. With more than 25 years of business, management and human resources experience, Jan has worked with a number of North America’s leading corporations. His views on hiring have been featured in media across the country including the National Post, the Globe and Mail and CTV News. Jan is a sought-after speaker on leadership and organizational performance issues, with a reputation for challenging his audiences to change the way they think about talent.

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