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Thanks for attending my Vistage workshop recently. I hope you found the discussion linking the Engagement of your employees to your Bottom Line to be both helpful and a little provocative.

In the course of the conversation I made reference to one of our Partners, HiringSmart. Their approach is in many respects a perfect complement to ours, in that where Engagient focuses on helping you measure and strengthen the Engagement level of your existing employees, HiringSmart’s expertise lies in helping you get the right person in the right job… thereby ensuring you’ve got people on board who are engageable to start with.

HiringSmart’s unique Fit First Philosophy is not only a fresh approach to matching talent with opportunity in organizations, it is having a tangible impact on their clients’ P&L. So much so, in fact,  all of HiringSmart’s clients report at least a 300% return in the first year.

You’ll find a number of short clips on this site, but I think the three I’ve listed below offer the best primer :

I encourage you to take a look around.

Cheers, Don



Hiring Myth #3

chartMyth #3: Finding the right person is a numbers game. To improve my odds of finding the right person, I need to broadcast my opening using the big recruitment boards, the niche boards, and selected pap...

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